1. Road Map

From the recording Road Map

Written by Patrick Johnson
Produced by Patrick Johnson & Adam Hains

Patrick Johnson - guitars, bass, vocals
Adam Hains - guitars, organ, percussion
Kyle Melancon - drums


I'm wearing a road map
A timetable of memories
A domino mask affixed at the seams
If you look closely, you can tell
Which roads were paved and which were hell

There's a fork up ahead
And a one way u-turn
On a broken highway iced to the teeth
It's taken a bite out of the street now
Who knows what path I am to meet?

Can't take this map from me

Construction zones
It's all curves and potholes
Redirecting me to a rest stop
In the middle of nowhere
They've got rotary phones
When will I just make it back home?

Can't take this map from me
I need it to see
Where I've been and where I could be
Can't take this map from me