1. Psychopathogen

From the recording Exordium

Written by Patrick Johnson
Produced by Patrick Johnson & Adam Hains

Patrick Johnson - guitars, bass, vocals, precussion
Adam Hains - guitars
Kyle Melancon - drums


Oh you socio, psychopathogen
Yeah, you know how to hide
Behind the eyes of another mother
You begin to unwind

Molding and unfolding the air around you
A cocoon for your kind
Recruitment cranks a guiltless wonder
Pass it one more time

One more time
One more time

I see you've got a newborn under
You've turned a family man sick
He can't write a single rhyme now
From sharpening his ice pick

One body, two bodies, three bodies, four
You'll do a little dance for just one more
The witching hour is in full power
Let's hit the floor, out the door

Graveyards are filling from all your killing
There's a new one opening here
I got a bullet with your name on it
What make me better, I fear
You're in my sights, I got you dead to rights
Just a squeeze, I can't breathe
My hand is shaking, My forehead's aching
When did you infect me?

One more time
One more time
One more time
One more time