An amalgamation of four hired-gun musicians from the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas of Louisiana, The Sea Flats formed in 2018 by combining the songwriting efforts of Patrick Johnson (Dash Rip Rock/Poor Harvey) with the production wizardry of Adam Hains (band leader Famous Door).  The duo then added the bombastic drumming of Kyle Melancon (Imagination Movers/Glenn Tillbrook/Dash Rip Rock) and the jack-of-all-trades, Nick Butitta (Last Chance Dave/Hilbun & The Homewreckers/Big Whup).

Album Discography:
1. Christmas Bike (single) 2021
2. Call Me Naive E.P. 2022
3. Exordium L.P. 2022
4. Road Map E.P. 2022
5. Unbroken Town (single) 2023
6. Have a Mean, Mean, Mean ol' Halloween (single) 2023

Patrick Johnson
guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, percussion

Adam Hains
guitars, keyboards, organ, vocals, percussion 

Kyle Melancon
drums, percussion, vocals

Nick Butitta
guitars, keyboards, vocals